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The Benefits of Coconut Oil

benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil is a product of the kernel of mature coconuts obtained from the coconut palm. It has a myriad of applications in the food and medicine industries. Coconut oil can last for more than two years without spoiling, this is because of its high level of saturated fat. Coconut oil has several health benefits to its users, these benefits ...

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5 Benefits of Kiwis

Kiwi Fruit Benefits Kiwi fruits originated in China where it has been used since ancient times as a health tonic especially for women after child birth .It was also used as a health tonic to enhance immunity in children. The potential nutritional kiwi fruit benefits were first identified by the people of New Zealand who started its cultivation commercially. Kiwi fruit ...

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A Beginner’s Guide To Detoxing

Detox diet

Thinking about a detox diet? Once spring arrives, many people start thinking about getting rid of toxins accumulated during winter. Chinese medicine supports this belief and suggests spring as the best time to perform a cleansing and detoxification of the liver. Detox diets or detoxing is the practice of cleaning your internal organs and tissues. It is claimed to improve health, revitalize and ...

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5 Reasons to Try the Benefits of Juicing

benefits of juicing

The benefits of juicing for health started as an Ayurvedic practice in ancient India. Juicing is a tradition that has been around for more than 5000 years. Studies have shown that juice from certain fruits and vegetables have the ability of enhancing body functions and cleansing it of toxins. Squeezing out the juice from fruits and vegetables ensures that you ...

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6 Ways to Enjoy the Health Benefits of Avocado

Health benefits of Avocado

Need some inspiration? Here are six ways to enjoy the health benefits of avocado. 1. Stuffed Avocado Cut 2 avocados in half and remove the pit. Fill each half with a tablespoon of diced fresh tomatoes mixed with a little chopped garlic. Sprinkle with grated cheddar cheese and a teaspoon of breadcrumbs. Bake at 450 degrees for 5 minutes until ...

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