5 Reasons to Try the Benefits of Juicing


The benefits of juicing for health started as an Ayurvedic practice in ancient India. Juicing is a tradition that has been around for more than 5000 years. Studies have shown that juice from certain fruits and vegetables have the ability of enhancing body functions and cleansing it of toxins. Squeezing out the juice from fruits and vegetables ensures that you receive a high concentration of enzymes, minerals and vitamins. This requires a juice extractor to press fruit and vegetable juices. This is different from pureeing since juicing separates the nutrients and water from the fiber and pulp which is generally indigestible. Bitter tasting vegetables can be made more palatable by combining their juices with those of sweet tasting vegetables. The following are the main reasons to try juicing;

1. Health enhancement
Juices have a high concentration of antioxidants among other immune enhancing compounds. These antioxidants can accelerate healing after illness. Juicing also avails a fast source of live enzymes, minerals and nutrients in their unmodified state, this combined with the micro nutrients found in juice confer the health benefits of juicing to the drinker. In addition to this, juicing also provides essential phytochemicals to the body. These are substances found in plants which are considered one of the most effective ways of fighting diseases.

2. Weight loss
Regular fruit and vegetable preparations are very acidic and normally tip the body’s p.H scales. This acidity actually prevents the body from losing weight and can subsequently cause rapid weight gain. Some fruit and vegetable juices are very alkaline, especially those from leafy vegetables and grasses. Since the body uses fat deposits as protection from acidity, juicing ensures the restoration of normal p.H balance in the body. This gives rapid results as the fat will no longer have any use, thus the body will begin metabolizing it. Apart from this, since juicing gives the body live enzymes which promote metabolism, it can directly increase our metabolism which translates to instant weight loss.

3. Anti-aging benefits
Since fruit and vegetable juices have a high concentration of antioxidants they can slow down the aging process. This is because these antioxidants negate the damaging effects of free radicals on our muscles and skin. This ensures that the skin remains supple and free from wrinkles as the muscles also remain toned. Juicing can also slow down the commencement of age linked diseases.

4. Improved digestion
Because greens are principal components of the regular digestion process, combining their juices in a single juice has desirable effects on digestion. This ensures that the digestive tract stays free of toxic substances because these fruit juices help in the elimination of harmful substances from the digestive tract, thereby increasing its efficiency.

5. Hydration
The more the fluids you drink, the more hydrated your body is. Juicing fruits and vegetables ensures that the body gets sufficient electrolytes devoid of artificial sweeteners and enhancers. This is one of the most basic benefits of juicing.